View Tasks As Calendar Item

If I’ve designated a time to a task, it should basically stand to reason that I would want that to appear as a calendar item, occupying the designated timeslot for that task within the calendar (not below). (If I haven’t designated a time, then naturally not). I don’t see a way of doing this.  Is it possible to do so, and if not, is there any thought to improving the integration of the calendar and task list?

Hello, Calendar events and tasks can not be displayed in the calendar simultaneously, each of these items is synchronized differently with the server thus tasks can only be displayed in the separate task view, the agenda or the task bar below your calendar, unfortunately it is not possible to merge them with your calendar, for that you would have to setup the task as a calendar event.

Thanks Paul. The question I have is what server and why? Why do my tasks and calendar synchronize with any server? Why would that information ever need to leave my desk ?

Unless you’re using local folders only, all your items are being synchronized with a server, why? Not really sure, you have setup the account and the service with your mail service provider.

Well, of course email synchronizes with a server. But why would calendar and tasks do so? Those are strictly local (or should be). I feel like I’m missing something here. Are my calendar and task entries leaving my desk for any reason?

Same reason as mail does, if you want to use Tasks and Calendars local only, you can. Just go to Tools > Settings > General and enable the option “Show local folders”, once you do so your left pane should display “Local folders” below your account folders. You can add calendar and tasks folders and do not synchronize the items.

Unfortunately adding Tasks to your calendar is not possible, calendar events and tasks are still different items, containing different information, thus categorized as Events and Tasks.

Thanks Paul.

Its more clear now. Since this is a personal account, there is no server synch on the other items. I think there was a moment of confusion.

Yes, might be nice if those were integrated, but not a big deal. Obviously still a very robust planning tool.



Old post I know…but I’ve been BEGGING for this for years.  Every tech company (Google, Microsoft, etc) ignore tasks altogether or only provide over-simplistic “to-do lists” with little or no sync with mobile devices.  Every productivity expert would tell you that you need to plan and work with events and tasks TOGETHER.  I would also point out…that although Google Tasks is a crappy, half-finished application, it displays Tasks in calendar views along with events.  If those idiots could do it…

Is it possible to view task inside the calendar now? Basically just like they do when I log on to my Google Calendar?

Hello Jingmin,
I checked how Google treats the Tasks, but even if set at certain time, the task is viewed above the Calendar.
If you look for this functionality, it is already there, only we show Tasks at the bottom, you need too click the small arrow at the bottom right corner.


Hi Olivia,

Thanks for the reply. Maybe I am new to eM Client and not so familiar with the settings. I attached two snapshot from Google Calendar website as well as eM Client respectively. Hopefully that will make it clear what I really want.


Hello Jingmin,
thank you for clearing this up.
eM Client can view Tasks in the Calendar in all but Month view, unfortunately.
In the Day/Week views it is available at the bottom, if that at least helps:


Hi Olivia,

Thanks for the answer. Could you please help to forward the feedback to the team, it will be great if eM Client can build the functionality into monthly view. That is a very useful feature.


Fantastic package, but really needs to be able to display Tasks in the calendar monthly view.

I second every opinion in this thread. Tasks should be possible to display in *every type* of view of calendar (week, agenda, month). It shouldn’t be so difficult to implement, as you’ve already made it in week view and right pane “agenda”.

Also, even if you allow to display tasks in week view, you should allow users to select if “done” tasks have to be displayed or not. Because as for now, ALL tasks (even checked/marked/done) are being displayed in bottom part, making the visibility and readibility very poor.

I guess it comes down to them being different. Tasks are not calendar events, and they are handled separately when syncing with the server.

The logical solution is that if you want a task to be handled the same as an event, don’t create a task - create an event.

NOPE. We (or at least “I”) want to *DISPLAY* tasks with due dates in calendar view, *NOT* to treat tasks as calendar events. I cannot explain it better, sorry.

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Fortunately the Agenda Sidebar view does just that, but I guess not exactly what you are looking for.

I have always found Tasks a bit neglected in email clients. Even though I think eM Client is better than others in this regard, it still has a way to go.

I started to write a question - and then found it here.
So if I understand clearly:

  • to see something in calendar - have to create it as event or meeting
  • task cannot be shown in calendar (only Agenda or Task list)
  • there is no possibility to create event from email message (only meeting or task)

The last is bothering me - I have an email, and would like to create event(-as-task) to see it in calendar. So far - I could only do it manually - create event in calendar without possibility to do it from an email.
Am I missing something?

Well, a meeting is an event that has participants. When you create a meeting from a message, it uses the recipients of the message as the participants.

All you need to do is remove the participants from the meeting before you save it, and you have an event.

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