View multiple calendars in one Exchange account

One of my business Exchange accounts has several calendars attached to it. One is my own, the other two are shared with me. The iOS (16) default Calendar app shows them fine. I can’t find how to enable this calendar in eM Client. It only shows my personal calendar. Is it possible?

Right-click on your account folder in the calendar (1). The one directly above the Calendar folder, usually named with the email address of the account. Choose Delegation (2) and you can add calendars shared with you.


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Thanks Gary for the quick response!

Unfortunately this doesn’t work. It only shows our info@ account calendar which it does not let me add (nothing happens when I click on it). None of the other calendars are shown. If I go online to I see 5 other calendars I can choose from, including the one (our Event calendar) I want to see in my eM Client.

Once you have opened Delegation, click on the Show button next to accounts you can access.


Next, click on Add then search for the person who delegated the calendar to you.

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Dear Gary,

Thanks. Searching for the persons helped. I could then add their calendar. But unfortunately this did not solve the problem:

  • the event calendar (a calendar shared by a colleague) is not shown under this persons name, nor under any other name;
  • None of the added calendars actually work. eM Client gives Connection failed errors for all the delegated calendars.

This issue is stil not solved, but at least eM now throws an error back at me:

[Exchange Web Services] Synchronizing folder ‘’ failed due to the following error: Unexpected end of file has occurred. The following elements are not closed: t:Content, t:FileAttachment, m:Attachments, m:GetAttachmentResponseMessage, m:ResponseMessages, m:GetAttachmentResponse, s:Body, s:Envelope. Line 1, position 2416724.

It’s been almost a month now but this issue still isn’t solved. Anyone out there that can help?

Another bump. Maybe it helps

Another bump. Almost 5 months now