View messages in Simple HTML (like Thunderbird)

I’ve just switched over from Thunderbird and really enjoying eM Client so far!

One thing I’m missing is the ability to view messages in “Simple HTML”. I love this setting because it gets rid of all the CSS styles and other useless stuff in an email and shows it as text BUT still with some of the original formatting.

It’s recommended as a setting here:

I am using eM Client’s setting “read messages as plain text” but this doesn’t always work so well. Some senders don’t include both a HTML version and a plaintext version. So you end up having to click the link they provide to read the HTML version on their website. Also, the plaintext version sometimes has errors and issues with URLs as newsletter senders don’t always care about making sure both versions are correct.

Simple HTML is a great compromise and I’ve found that it allows me to process emails much quicker since they all end up looking similar. It’s also more secure.

The Simple HTML setting…
-preserves very basic formatting (bold, underline, colors etc)
-removes javascript and other malicious code
-prevents remote images loading

This is how to access the setting in Thunderbird
Menu > View > Message Body As > Simple HTML

Would be great if you could look into adding this as a feature.

Many thanks!

Yeah, that was something I really liked in Thunderbird. You have my vote. :slight_smile:

Did this request ever make any headway? Outlook as options for viewing messages as html or plain text on the fly. Most of my messages I want in plain text. There are a few i receive on a regular basis i’d like to view in html but only those few.

With outlook this is a button click away. Does emclient have any functionality that’s similar?

You could try putting a suggestion here: [email protected]
if you are a Pro-user try here and raise a ticket:

Personally, I suspect there isn’t a great demand for this feature but worth asking I guess.

At least you should get an answer one way or another and decide whether to revert to Thunderbird. Having used eM Client after using TB for years I’d never go back. In my opinion this product is much better and cleaner.

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