View Header or Source

The latest version doesn’t seem to give the option for viewing an e-mail Source or Header like the previous version did, and this is handy for checking on suspicious mails and reporting them to SpamCop.  How can I view the Source or Header for e-mails?

I had same problem, but - sorry - I cannot find my message in forum.
Have you tried right click? You should see “View Source” at the bottom.

Ye, it ́s posssible. Open the email you want, right click in it ́s body and the two options you requested are just above the zoom option:

  • View mail header …
    -View mail source …

But i agree that this options should be easier to see in the interface.

Naturally I tried right click.  There is no View Source on the menu.

The point is to be able to view the source or header WITHOUT opening a suspicious mail.  That was possible in the previous version.

Unfortunately such option is currently not available in the conversation mode because each conversation can contain several messages. The only similar operation is exporting the whole conversation to .eml files using the option in menu or drag and drop to Explorer or different file manager.

However, it should be safe to open the mail. By default no external content is loaded from the internet when displaying the message unless you choose so.

There should not go any indication to the sender that the mail was read when you want to “examine before opening”.
This to prevent email adresses being “validated” to senders of SPAM or malicieus
Opening a mail could send this “validation”.

I agree with flaviossa. We should have a method to quickly view the real email address, so can avoid suspicious emails. After all the spam checking etc, our eyes are the last defense, and without this option, you have taken away our eyes. 

There is an option by holding the mouse over the Contact Details on the sidebar. Why not provide that over the email as well, since the functionality does actually exist.

I have just switched to Pro 7 and I would like to add my name to the list of disappointed users, there are so many scammers nowadays that I prefer to check  suspicious emails before opening them.

Well you can actually do all these things.

You can view the email header or source without opening the email. Just right-click on the email in the list and choose View Mail Header / Source.

You can prevent emails from opening content from the Internet by blocking unsafe content in privacy settings. You can also disable automatic receipts. This means that the sender will not be able to tell if you have opened the email unless they are in your whitelist or you have chosen to acknowledge a receipt request.

And because the external content is blocked, you can click on the message and view the sender’s address in the message detail header by hovering the mouse over the name.

Hi Gary, maybe there’s another setting I need to change. I haven’t found it yet.
I was able to view header or source before opening when I was using version 6. It has disappeared since I switched to version 7.
Thanks for the tip on receipt requests.

No settings to change. Right click on a message in the message list, and the last two options are View Mail Header / Source.

Sorry Gary, nothing below Export List on my system

Right. Are you using the latest version 7.1.30794?

Yes. 7.1.30794.0

Since updating to version 7.1.30794.0 I have rebooted my system and it’s still the same.

I never had any problem with version 6

Ah, I know. It is because you have conversations in all views turned on. It is only available with conversations disabled or in message detail only.

You’re a star Gary. Many thanks, I’m good to go.

I have recently discovered that when you reply to or forward a message that has blocked content, the privacy settings no longer apply and all external content is loaded. So be careful that you don’t accidentally click one of those options.