Very small text in calendar

There is no setting for choosing text sizes in calendar. Any tipps?

I also have this problem. If you are 20 and have 20/20 vision maybe you could read it but at my age it’s way to small

I feel exactly the same. Its such a basic issue & surely shouldnt be that difficult to resolve

There is limited space to display the events in each day, so increasing the size of the fonts would decrease the space available to display events.

You can test this in your Windows settings. In the display scale and layout options, you can change the size of text. So if it is set to 100%, change it to 125%.

For example, today I have 16 events. At a vertical resolution of 2160 pixels and at 100% I can see them all. If I change the display scale to 125% it is much easier to read, but I can see only 14 of the events. If I display at 150%, which is actually the recommended for a ultra high res monitor, then it is super easy to read but I can see only 11 events.

But I understand not everyone may have that many events, so they might be happy to sacrifice a bit of screen area to have a bigger font. I changed this to a Feature Request.

Sorry, but wrong thinking :wink: When I increase all other elements (which is possible in the settings) I could have this problems everywhere in the UI.
But allow the user to change the setting on all elements but NOT for the calendar event is not logical.
And: I do a lot web design and know ALL the issues around scaling elements on different screen sizes. This is NOT a problem.
BTW: I also developed a technic which can analize if a color is dark (for white text on it) or light (for black text on it). I think the calendar needs this for dark color days.

The message list allows for configuration of text size, but other than that I don’t recall it being available any where else. Which other elements allow you to change it in that way?

Yes the downside of increasing the font in the calendar is less events showing depending on your res as @Gary says, but I think still would be good to have fon’t size options in the calendar as there has been (so many peeps) over the years in many threads on this forum who want this option.

For me personally the default font size in the calendar is fine in 2560x 1440p res at normal 100% desktop zoom.

Sorry for the late answer. I mean this settings where I can define some sizes and spaces, but not for the calendar