Very slow when searching for emails and then loading these

Hi all, wondering if anyone found a fix to this problem. It should not be a problem with my device as I have a brand new MacBook pro 2021. When I first started using the EMclient this tasks were performed immediately. This is a gmail account set up under IMAP. It starts up fine but searching for emails, and then loading up these emails takes easily a couple of minutes, first to actually find the email, and then another couple of minutes to load the email selected.

Would appreciate some advise and help where possible as the waiting times are painful and very inefficient.

Many thanks

I have the exact same problem. It only started yesterday, but it now takes an age for the content of my emails to load.

I am also using a gmail account with IMAP.

I am on the latest version of eM Client. I have also tried deleting my account and re-adding it.

Usually reading of email headers and message bodies is generally “internet speed related”.

Once IMAP email headers and messages “have been cached locally” by eM Client, then the next time those same emails should read within a couple seconds or so. If they don’t you may have a problem with eM Client program installation or your current eM Client mail database.

So if you have already tried “removing and re-adding your IMAP account” and “given time for your emails to locally cache”, then suggest to backup email client if you haven’t already via “Menu / Backup”. Then uninstall eM Client and “don’t delete the database on uninstall” when asked and then reinstall eM Client from the version history page.

Failing that you can also set eM Client to “download messages for offline use” via “Menu / Accounts” eM Client for Windows Gmail example screenshot below.

Thanks for the response. I booted up today and everything is now working fine again so I didn’t need to actually try your suggestion. No idea what the cause was, but we’re all good now.

One thing I would say is it’s definitely not caused by slow Internet speeds, I had over 100mbps each way when eM Client was running slow.

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Ah ok sounds like it may have been possibly a background type program delaying your mail. Great it’s working ok now after the reboot :slightly_smiling_face:

Sometimes emails can also be slow to read if you eg: have a background program like an eg: Optional Antivirus program "scanning / checking your emails real-time. So if it happens again and you have anything like that optionally installed, try disabling the email scanning part to test.