very slow loading etc

I’m new to em and like the layout and setup however every time I receive an email from a website with HTML content, pictures etc, it takes a long time to load and I have click view content even after I have done this for the same site on several occasions. What is the solution?


What version of eM Client are you using?


Murray, not sure if this is the same issue, but it sounds like the same “symptom” to what I was experiencing. In my case, I found that I needed to go into settings and:
Click on the Account on the left
Click on the IMAP tab
-In the “Offline” section, make sure you check both options. Otherwise it won’t download the body even when online. This makes it very slow as the messages are not downloaded until you click on them.

Once I did this, then everything was much faster.

eM Client\DbRepair.exe" /forcerebuild fixed for me

both is checked, download messages for offline use and include attachments and images.
but still it is loading very slow
the messages have no attachments.


I have the same problem, I use em client 7.0.27943.0! The client is fast, but when I download pictures or html pages, it’s really take long time until is finish. For a 850 kb pdf file needs appr. 20-25 sec. for download or 2-3 mb pictures almost a minute. 
I have fast internet of appr. 20-25 mb/s! When I download by browser, the picture download within 2-3 sec.! 
How I can solve the problem? Thanks!

Best Regards

Thank you for this suggestion! Both of my boxes were unchecked…now it’s working fast again! Phew! Stress gone

does this happen with an IMAP account? If so, downloading messages and attachments for offline use might be a better choice, as this will download the full message right away and not wait till the program is prompted to do so.
To enable this setting look into the IMAP tab of your account in Menu>Tools>Accounts section.


Hello Olivia,

yes, it’s solved now, since I enable download, it’s much faster now, thanks!

Regards from Germany

I checked the boxes for IMAP, but it’s still slow

Hello Tim,
what mail account does this happen with?
Are there any error messages in the Menu>Tools>Operations window? Maybe there are issues with your connection that make downloading the messages slower?
What version of eM Client are you currently running? Check Help>About section for full number.


I recently upgraded to 7.0.27943.0. It happens with my account. There are no error messages where you suggested looking. My connection is the same as it’s ever been. 

Hello Tim,
I see that you have a Pro license with Lifetime upgrades.
Have you tried contacting our PRO support ( so they could perhaps check your situation through TeamViewer and see if there is any other setting to help you?