Very slow emclient

Emclient is very slow with syncing all my accounts at the same time.

The worst thing is dowloading some simple PDF’s (takes me 10 mins). I start to wonder if it necessary to clear Emclient up every once in a while. 

Any pointers would be nice! Thanks!

Setting eM Client to download content and attachments for offline use may speed things up after the initial download. Of course if you have a slow connection, that will probably not make much difference.

If you have set eM Client to download content and attachments for offline use, then the problem with clearing eM Client’s cache is that it will have to download all that content again.

Thanks for replying. Where can i find the setting? It is not my connection (60 mbit).

With that connection, even without offline use enabled, it should load quite quickly.

But the setting is in Menu > Tools > Accounts. Then click on the IMAP tab for your account.

Thanks! I noticed that it is mainly me Yahoo mail that is sluggish. Since i also use some maps on topics there i just set it to “Offline Use”. I hope it helps. Outlook goes like a charm, speedwise.