Very old problem!

I’ve noticed a problem for very long time and surprisingly not fixed yet !!!
When I’m receiving a mail notification in windows, I press on notif. to open the widow with that mail ! And then trying to move in other folder that mail and don’t work !!! Which is definitely is a bug to do, so i need to close that mail window and go to mails list to be able to move that particularly mail!!!

I am not able to reproduce that with the current version of eM Client (9.0.1708)

I used these steps:

  1. Receive a message and click on the notification to open the message.
  2. Right-click in the message window that opens and choose Move to Folder.

The message window will remain open but the message is moved correctly.

press on notification message !! Then press on [move to folder] button !

= don’t go anywhere until I close the window and do the same thing after reopening that email !! Then is moving !!!