Very disappointing experience for new eM user

I’ve just started trying eM and at first blush it looks very nice.  However after working with it a bit there are some fundamental issues I would think have been long fixed in a mature product such as this.

I’m unable to connect to my accounts at - accounts that are several years old.  It appears the password is being incorrectly retrieved. Also - as I’m trying to set up a second account I see all sorts of junk wrongly pre-populated into the forms for entering the details of the new account.

I had high hopes for eM but it appears, even as old as it is, it is still pretty buggy!  :-(   It seems a decent email client is really tough to build.   Guess I’ll have to continue my search.

Hello Alan,

Your first experience with eM Client is very unfortunate.

Did you try using our auto-setup feature for the new account configuration? Otherwise you can just press “more” and configure your account manually according to your server settings. 


Russel - I’ve tried exhaustively to connect to either of my two email accounts at Hostgator.  It always comes out the same - eM says the password is not accepted.

I’ve set up a goodly number of email accounts and feel i have a reasonable understanding of what is involved.I generally try and avoid the ‘auto-setup’ features and do it manually - which eM gives good access.  

I like the looks of the program so far - so will gather as much info as I can and pass it on.
Alan R.

Olá está funcionando aqui para mim; Acesso o hostgator legal com ele porém não consegui configurar ainda o calendário em sincronismo do eMclient com o hostgator e nem os contatos, se souber como faz isso me avise já segui os passos de usar a URL do CALDAV mas não foi o sincronismo…

Here is the HostGator IMAP & POP SSL or Non SSL (Normal) configurations support link.

Note:- It appears HostGator have differant email settings for Cpanel & Windows servers