VERY annoying Pop Up message!

Since I upgrade to the latest version of 8 I now get this VERY annoying pop up message every time I start eM Client. It says: “Buy Pro License - Your eM Client 8 Pro trial will end in 0 day(s).*

I had assumed that this pop up would go away after the trial ended, i.e. when it said 0 days, but it hasn’t! Is this message going to be there forever now? Is there anyway for me to get rid of it? If I cannot get rid of it, then that’s the end of eM Client for me. I will go back to using another email client.

Give it one more day. My license changed to free this morning. I got a -1 day left last night at 8 PM EDT and then I got another -1 day left this morning at 6AM EDT. I tried again at 7AM EDT and the pop up changed so that it says the 30 day trial is over. If you just ‘close’ the popup window using the ‘close’ button you are done with all pop-ups and have a free license.

Thanks very much for the response Al. :slight_smile: Mine has said 0 days left for about a day now. I will give it one more day’s wait, but I am not confident it is going to go away. Also, I do not have a “close” button in my message. All I have is the typical “X” in the upper right to close it. Is that what you are referring to?

the final message will be totally different (smaller, no graphics) and have a close button. My ‘count down’ for days left changed at 8pm EDT every day, so I thought that once I got to -1 days at 8 PM last night it would be over… But no… my last day of the trial was supposed to be 8/13, but it did not change to the new message until my 2nd logon on 8/14. don’t worry. it will happen. there are two or three conversations in the forum about this topic from about 6 or 7 people and all ended successfully after it reached -1 days left. here is the popup

Okay . . . . . thanks Al.