Version8 is poor at best

what is this all about - i was conned into updating - the interface is not good to awful - the icons at the side of the folder names are poor and i could not find a way to get rid of them - ok i did not look hard

the many hours i spent on my own theme was out of the window it did not work - so search how to go back

install 7 and thats it a search found - well it was not it - all my settings ere lost but a much bigger problem was that my email database no longer worked - so start again bringing them from the server

as a clean install people might like 8 if they have not seen 7 but as an update its poor [imo] -sure theres lots under the hood but the bit users see if not good

and going back is painful

not impressed


Did you already find a way to disable the icons in the sidebar? They are really distracting.

no - i did not look hard though - when i saw my theme would not work i went back to 7 and will stay with it - they have got this wrong imo

To disable the icons on the right side - right mouse anywhere in the title view (where it says, to, received, size, etc). Pick column configuration.

Once that menu is open, scroll to the bottom of “show these columns” and highlight it. click remove. Repeat for anything else you don’t want to see.

Went to 8 from 7. completely lost and is confusing at best.How to I get back to 7 with out too much pain

good question - getting 7 back on is easy enough but [for me] from then it was a pain - i had to remove 8 and then it would not recognise my email data on the pc - i had to delete that and re load everthing from the server

i also lost all my settings so had to re configure everything

8 should come with a warning that there is no easy way back - they have lost the plot imo

not those icons - the icons before the folder titles on the left side - they are unneeded and ugly


Agreed! I deleted the favourites folder before I realised it contained the old Smart Folders. Now I can’t find a way to get them back! I can’t work well without an Unread folder. I would like to revert to 7 too.

I still have version 7 on my Surface Pro which I use for travel. I’m thinking to bringing it up to date (messages) then copy its database folder onto a thumb drive, zap version 8 completely on this laptop, reinstall 7 and import the database onto it. That should work I think.

Those without that setup could look in their system backups for the EM database folder and bring it back that way.

Right click on Favorites, go to the second entry of the sub-menue (Display) and freely chose, which items should be displayed. Unread is one of them.
AFAIK the icons left of the folders are so small and unoffensive, that I didn’t even realise they were there before reading all your compaints.
During the beta phase it was mentioned many times in this forum that you should save the V7 database, in order to be able to go back to V7. I had both the beta 8 and V7 (pro) installed on my machine and later uninstalled V7. After installing the final Version I realised that all data from the severs (4) were downloaded again, which took a looooong time. But it was a one time occurence. I have one exchange account, one gmail account and two other IMAP accounts. I never had any Sync problems. I have been a pro user since V6 and Version 8 is the most stable email client I ever had (including Outlook and Thunderbird).
Reading in this forum I sometimes wonder, what I have done right to be spared all these problems.

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Favourites doesn’t exist. I deleted it before realising Smarts were within. I’d like to know how to reinstate it.

Go to Settings > General and tick the box next to Show Favorite Folders.


Thank you. All in place now!

My method…

I agree. The calendar interface on version 8 is bad, I had to uninstall and roll back to version 7. They need to make version 8 look like version 7, not different.

Try Mailbird for a month and you’ll feel better. I came here from them. I emailed them with very clear UI issues and all they could say is that they are not addressing it.

I am also a paid user of mailbird and they have been experimenting on us for months now. Their O365 sync stopped working for me months ago and they introduce new authorization updates every few days or so with lots of failures.

They are certainly just above a minimum viable product.

Personally, I find em Client the best email client I’ve found for Windows.
Fast, clean interface and I’ve had no problems at all - and it’s free to some.

All these comments seem to contradict the trusted reviews I’ve read and the experience I’ve had personally with the product.

To me, all the above gripes seem to originate from issues that can be easily resolved by reading the really good online Help facility.



How can I downgrade back to eM Client 7?

Our databases are not backward compatible for older versions and once you upgrade your database to accommodate the new version, you cannot just simply install an older version over it…