Version Questions

I’ve been using eM Client for a couple of years and am well satisfied with it. I recently moved my wife’s PC from the old Windows Live Mail to eM, and it is running well for her also. A couple of days ago she got a popup notice saying a new version is available. We haven’t installed it yet, but I did a little bit of research and saw the following:

My PC is running version 8.0.3283. When I check for an update, I’m told none is available.

Her PC is running 8.0.3385 (newer than mine, I assume). When she checks for updates, the following are listed:


Questions: Why was I not told about an update? Why are three updates listed for her?

In the box listing the three updates on her PC, there’s a Download button. I assume that’s for the latest - 8.1.876.0. Correct?

I would like to be running the latest available update on both of our PCs.

This could be because updates are not pushed to all users at the same time.

You can always download the latest version from the Release History and install that on both computers.

Gary, thanks for the quick reply. I’ve already updated my PC and will do the other one shortly. Great information that I wasn’t aware of.

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