Version 9 Gmail rules - not seeing them

Thanks, exporting to xml works that way but sadly the file format is not accepted by Gmail !

Have you searched for converters to convert .xml to whatever format Gmail will accept?

Unfortunately, that is not always true. My default account is Gmail, and when I go to Menu > Rules, it is only showing the one default vendor-supplied local rule, Spam Filter, as shown in the screen shot I posted earlier. No drop-down is present to allow selection of server rules.

I reported this issue to eM Client, and a rep replied:

If you created your account in some ancient version of eM Client, you will need to re-create the account to see server rules in the latest version 9.

Thankfully, I had already seen nogaff’s message quoted at the top, and following that, I was able to easily recreate the account. And as nogaff says, I now have Server Rules in the Rules dialog. BTW, I’ve been using eM Client since about 2013, so an ancient version, and I had updated through each subsequent release, supporting nogaff’s observations.

For those who may encounter this problem, here are the steps I took. Important warning. I use IMAP on my Gmail account, so I knew all my emails would remain on Gmail. As part of this process, you will be deleting the account, which will delete all folders associated with the account. If are using POP3, then your local folders may be your only copy of your emails Save them before removing your account, and consider moving to IMAP.

  1. Right-click on the account in the Mail panel, and select Account Settings (or use Menu > Accounts).

  2. On the Accounts page, make sure the proper account is selected, and click Save As. Save the settings file somewhere, and remember where you saved it.

  3. Still on the Accounts page, now click the Remove icon. You’ll get a warning about all the files being deleted. Allow it to proceed.

  4. Close the Accounts dialog, and select Menu > File > Import. Find the file you saved in (2) above, and allow eM Client to import it.

That’s it, hopefully your account will be correctly recreated, and you’ll now have Server Rules shown in the Rules dialog. When I did this, I got almost everything back, including the password to the account. The only thing that was not retained was the column ordering in each folder (I use IMAP). So, I had to go into each folder - I have about 30 - and fix the ordering. But I’m pleased that’s all I had to do, considering everything else was done for me.

Hope this helps.