Version 9 email limit

after the upgrade to version 9, my folders seem to have a limit of 10,000 emails. has anyone else experienced this? i opened a ticket but they have no idea why this is happening.

Some providers offer you a folder limit for IMAP such as Google, who do have an option for 10,000 emails per folder through IMAP.

Can you give me the ticket number and I will have a look at it?

the limit i am running into is on a yahoo account. how do i fix it.

this issue did not exist in version 8.

Robert will respond to your ticket on Monday.

But if you do a quick search on the internet though, you will see users from other apps also asking about this.

See here for example.

Yup, I have seen those. But I was not experiencing this issue until I upgraded to version 9. The simple thought process is to roll back what version 9 did with communicating to webmail mailboxes.

I will look forward to Robert’s response.

Yeah, it may just been a coincidence that you upgraded at the same time this issue appeared on their servers.