Version 9 and Gmail tags

I finally responded to a prompt suggesting I upgrade to version 9. I have Gmail accounts which are linked to eMClient. On version 8 the Gmail “labels” (separate “folders” for collections of related emails) have always translated into eMClient tags. But not with version 9. Although the Gmail labels on existing emails do show, The only tags available in version 9 are the ones provided by eMClient and I could find no way of getting to my (long) list of tags which are used in my Gmail accounts.
This is a major disincentive to my using version 9 and I have removed it and reinstalled version 8. Does anyone have any suggested other solutions to my tags problem please?

Where are you looking at these tags?

If it is in Menu > Tags, local tags are displayed in Local Tags, and Gmail tags are in the Gmail account. You will need to choose which one you want to view.


If you click the tag button in an email preview, the Gmail tags will be displayed first (1), then the local ones will follow (2).

Thank you very much for responding. Were your screen shots of version 9? I was looking in both places. Right-clicking in an email preview didn’t bring up anything other than local tags. And I’m afraid I didn’t notice the Local Tags button in the window that appears under Menu, Tags.

I’m not sure I want to risk upgrading again, in case the same thing happens. Do you have any further comments please.