Version 9.2 will not update on my computer

I tried to update to version 9.2.1735.0 but it just locks up. I tried to down load from website but they want me to pay. I already paid for the free upgrades.

I presume you have the Windows version of eM Client with wanting to update to V 9.2.1735.

First backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” incase something goes wrong and you need to restore. You can see when the backup is complete via “Menu / Operations”.

Once backed up, close eM Client and download V9.2.1735 from the release history page and install. Lastly open eM Client.

Note: If it still wont update with eM Client closed , reboot your computer and try installing / again. Might just be something in resident memory interferring with the install / update.


Thanks for all your help! It worked.

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