Version 9.1.2109 - set action is invalid for property

After updating to version 9.1.2109 (99b7b93) both of my Windows 10 machines started throwing this error for my email:

An error occurred
[Exchange Web Services] Set action is invalid for property.

That’s all I get.

Other than the error, it seems to send/retrieve messages just fine. But it’s definitely the new client because I updated one machine immediately and waited several days before udpating my laptop and the laptop never had the error until I updated.

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+1 Getting this issue too since updating

+1 Getting this issue too.

I opened a ticket with the support folks and sent them logs. For me (don’t know if it’s the same for the rest of you), the fix was:

Please go to the calendar section of eM Client and right-click on the Exchange Calendar folder (in the account with the issue). Choose Properties > Repair > Repair.