Version 8 Walks To The Right Side Of My Monitor

I have an ultrawide monitor (yay me). Every time I launch eM Client (8.0.2951), the interface moves about 100 to 150 pixels to the right of the last window position. Eventually it starts to wander off the monitor to the right.

When do repaired versions come out? Is this something that we’re likely to have to deal with long term, or will there be a fix in the next month or so?

REQUEST: Please bring back the synchronization messaging. We need some kind of feedback when we manually synchronize. This is the “Last Synchronized At” message at the lower left of the application.

Would love to be able to easily roll back to version 7 without losing the emails received since the “update.”

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@Steve.Wilson I cannot answer all of your issues, but I can give you a couple of pieces.

New versions can be found here:

I would suggest taking your Request and making it an actual request in the forum so it gets seen.

I have not seen the interface move to the right on my wide screen monitor, so I don’t have any suggestions for that one, sorry about that. :frowning:

As for rolling back to V7 not an easy process according to the forum.

@Steve.Wilson what resolution ae you running ?

3840 x 1080

The “new email” and replies drift right as well. Completely ridiculous - this would be a “fix right now” issue if it happened to one of my customers.

Re your request, I submitted a Pro support ticked on this issue a week ago and have now had a reply. It simply states: “Unfortunately this is feature is not present in V8”.

So that appears to be that then.

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I feel bad for the Pro users that paid for this kind of foolishness.

Ah ok so its a 4K wide (3840) issue. Hopefully down the track EM will be updated.

Greetings, I’m new here, trying out em Client for the first time and was going to make a suggestion but before I could, this message appeared. I’m a little concerned because I’m running dual 4k monitors.

When you say it moves to the right, do you mean that when dialogs re-open, they are shifted from a previous position?

I’ve tried a few things, but bear in mind, I’ve only had eM running for a half hour, and have closed and re-opened the program and created new emails repeated and haven’t been able to reproduce that. I’ve tried it on both monitors (my left monitor has negative coordinates… the right monitor is the primary. Don’t ask me why I did that… it just is. Maybe to put the tray in the lower right corner?)

Now, I have seen it try to “tile” emails when I opened existing ones. It has been a bit inconsistent. Sometimes they would be correctly tiled to the right-and-down, and sometimes not.

I wonder if this is where the developers might need to look to make sure that dialogs do not open off screen.

(BTW, this is a common programming oversight.)


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You understand correctly, Cody. The problem is mainly tied to having your Windows task bar vertically on the left side (at least in my case. Might be the same for the right, but I don’t know). For some reason, the internal code that keeps track of windows positions for folder view, compose mail and read mail increment the X value by the width of the task bar, it seems, each time the application is closed and re-opened. It’s a goofy bug, and one that the developers should be able to fix relatively easily. They just have to figure out how to access the position of the task bar and account for it. It’s not something terribly magical. The only limiting factor is their willingness to fix it. Which seems to be lacking. :frowning:

Greetings Steve,

I understand your frustration. I’m trying to switch to a new email client but each has some notable limitations.

As a developer, I understand the problem and believe that it would not be hard to fix. Even Windows 2.x would tile until the bottom of the window reached just off the screen and then move back up to the original top, shifted right a few pixels.

It would be even less of a pain if positioning routine were less sophisticated and let the windows sit on top of each other, or one of 10 “predefined” positions. At least they listed separately in the task bar and easily viewed

I do realize that this is not a genuine solution, but it could be of help here or elsewhere. I use a freeware utility called “Sizer”. My use of the program to resize dialogs to specific sizes to validate my type, control and image sizing routines, but it has a benefit in that it will reposition dialogs, as well. Right-click in the task bar to access.

I’m using an older 3.x version that seems completely happy with Windows 10 64-bit but a new 4.x version has been posted. Both are available as a portable application (extract the ZIP to a folder and execute) so no installation is required.

It is available at in case you want to give it test drive.