Version 8 last release several unwanted close

I’ve just upgraded from last 7 version to last 8 version
upgrade procedure run whithout problem but the client now close itself whithout any apparent reason and when restart it have to check about the corruption of data every time

with 7 version I’ve no problems at all

any suggestion ?

windows 10 2004 version

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I have the same issue. I’m on Windows 10 Family Edition v 1903 (18362.959) 64bit.

Upgraded today my licensed emClient to version 8.0.2951 ; after update, ever time I launch it, I have approximately 30 seconds to read my mail before it crashes on me which is way too short for me, as I’m a slow reader :wink: Joke aside, it’s a big problem.

No error message. Just an abrupt close.

Tried rebooting, issue persists.

Please let me know if I can do something to help zeroing on the cause of that bug.

I’d like to mention something : Apparently emClient is supposed to have become all white on every panel.

But although I can see the icons have changed and maybe the font too, it sill has that light blue background for most of the interface.

Does anyone else noticed that ?
Could there be issues/conflicts with some of the configuration after the upgrade or something like that ?

Same issue. Still no solution.
Rolled back to ver 7 with database loss.

Same issue here: Em-Client is closing down after 20 seconds for no obvious reason, but oddly enough only on one of my computers (using em-client on three computers). On the other computers, EM-client seems to work fine.

Are you still having this problem? I was going to upgrade but eM Client now is very slow loading mail items. A little gray bar near the top of the screen wiggles along for 30-40 seconds. I now I see your problem.

For me, nothing has changed, and I highly doubt anything will until an update is released. You replied to a comment in which I’m talking of the blue theme that is applied to the new installation, but my comment was most probably not relevant to the problem. As of now, I can’t use emClient on Windows, and I can’t access my old emails, which is a pain. I hope they’ll have a new version fixing this around late september… Otherwise I might have to look for another email client.

I’ve installed emClient on my MacBook Pro to see how it works and manage two of my email accounts, and it’s working rather well, although it does have some freezing moments, and I’ve had a couple of silent crash, but it’s usable. Unfortunately, my licence is only valid on Windows… :roll_eyes:

I might have invested in a mac license (not 100% sure though) had it been working flawlessly, but it’s not really the case as of now. It’s usable, but the way it works doesn’t inspire full confidence yet.