Version 8 has suddenly started hanging

I’ve been using emClient for several years. Suddenly it has started hanging. It now hangs consistently whenever I access the calendar. I’ve completely uninstalled and reinstalled from a new download then restored a backup database from before this happened. I changed themes in case that was an issue but that did not make a difference. Now I’m stuck. (Using Windows 10)

Perhaps there is some issues involving your VPN or A/V apps?
Turning them off, temporarily, may yield an answer.

When you say “hanging” can you elaborate on that. eg: is the program freezing, or just stop working.

An hour-glass cursor appears and if I click anytime after that, Windows says the program is not responding and things stay that way.

Good thought. I attempted to disable McAfee without any improvement.

Ok. As you have already uninstalled and reinstalled eM Client & same issue, sounds either like something in memory possibly interfering with eM Client, or an eM Client database issue.

First thing I would try is “Disable all background tasks on startup” in Windows and reboot and see if eM Client works ok. If it does then work ok, enable the background tasks one at a time and reboot in between, till you find which background program that is causing it.

If disabling background tasks makes no difference to the issue, re-enable background tasks and reboot. Then backup eM Client via “Menu / Backup” and then uninstall EMC and “delete the database” when asked on uninstall to test if the EMC database is the issue.

Then open eM Client and test with a new account setup to see it makes any difference to the hour glass problem.

You got me thinking about what changed to cause this problem. The last thing I installed was McAfee security by Century Link. Oddly eMClient works fine on another computer that has McAfee, but to check, I uninstalled it on the computer with the problem and voila, eMClient worked fine. I just reinstalled McAfee but turned off several features: real-time scanning, app boost, and Anti-Spam. A quick check found eMClient running ok so far - i.e. not hanging when I access the calendar. (BTW the calendar is linked to Google Calendar). I did not make these changes to the other computer’s McAfee settings and eMClient runs ok on it (it too has the calendar linked to Google). Of course McAfee will pester me to the death with dire warnings for having turned of some of its rather non-essential features.