Version 8 - Folder Indent


The amount of sub-folder indent in Mail on Version 8 is way too small…very hard to see with many folders/sub-folders.

Can this be adjusted?


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I think that is the second comment so far about that.

I am not having an issue though, but then I have reduced the line height in the folder list, so maybe that makes a difference to how it appears. By bringing the lines closer together, it appears there is more definition in the indent.

You can try that the easy way. With your mouse hovering over the folder list, hold Ctrl and scroll with the mouse wheel.

Yes indeed, indentation is not enough to easily distingujish a level change. Also, icons on folders make it way too cluttered and harder to pick out what you want.

@Gary - I don’t find that reducing the line height helps this.

Agreed, this is driving me a little bonkers. Would love to be able to adjust the indent, or at least make it nearly 1 icon width!

The indent can be adjusted in your settings:

Not in 8.0.3385 (83a873c) for me (and no updates are avail);

What am I missing?!

Sorry Keith. I meant to say that it can be adjusted in the upcoming version 8.1. Seems the developers have taken notice about how we want to customize the appearance of the application, and have introduced some new stuff. :wink:

Oh awesome, looking forward to it. Cheers