Version 7 Update Problem - transfer settings/emails?

I opened eM Client (free) this morning and blindly agreed to an upgrade.  It upgraded it v7.  Now it doesn’t reference any of my existing settings, accounts or email.  It’s as if it’s a full new installation.  No option was presented to transfer any information from my existing installation.

Is there any way to deal with this issue and bring back my old emails/calendars/settings into v7?

Thanks, Bruce

Go to MENU - FILE - IMPORT and then select “import from em client 6”
Select all checkboxes that aren’t already checked and you should have more or less all your settings back as they were, including accounts and e-mails
good luck

ps.: …never agree to anything “blindly”…!!! :wink:

Wonderful!  Thank you so much.  Easy to solve.  I just never imagined that an update would result in having to re-import all my existing eMClient files.  

And yes, I was chatting on the phone when I “blindly” agreed to an update…

You are welcome, I am glad that the import worked well for you!

Hello Bruce,
FREE users get the new version as an update.
When you install it there is an option to Import from version 6 though, you must have skipped it.