Version 7 Scroll Bar

Why is only about 25% of the scroll bar width usable? The thin scrolling portion is hard to grab with the mouse, yet you have left the full width of a normal scroll bar in places like the message list etc with only about 25% of the width actually usable. Doesn’t make sense at all. 

Hello Wayne,
I’m having trouble replicating your issue. Could you please specify in which windows do you experience it?
What device does this happen on? Is touch mode enabled?
Thank you.


I have the same issue.

System is Windows 10 Home Premium. EmClient 7.0.25432.0

Here’s the scroll bar in V7. It’s literally about 5 pixels wide! Very difficult to scroll.

Compared with a standard scrollbar size in V6:

I too am having terrible problems with the new scroll bar, it is far too narrow!

I’m struggling to understand why they would make the new version more difficult to use by having such ridiculously narrow scroll bars. How could they think that this is a good idea???

Can somebody from emClient give us some insight into this?

Seems like they are not willing to take this very serious UI mistake seriously

What’s wrong with them? It’s a glaring inconsistency with the way Windows apps work. 

The implementation in the message list is insane. The width is allocated for a full width scroll bar but only about 25% of it is used for the actual scroll bar. 

Come on eMClient. How about some sort of response on this!!

This is such an insane UI decision, one can just scratch their head. Why did you do this?

I upgrade to version 7 yesterday and was a bit disappointed to see the narrow scroll bars. I’m wondering about solutions … emClient supports 3 possible themes out of the box … just wondering if this issue can be address via a new theme that has regular sized scroll bars? Can scroll bar size be modified via a theme? If so can someone provide some instructions on how to do so (or a ready-made theme)? Thanks.

Indeed, from a desktop user’s point of view, this seems like a crazy decision. At first i didn’t even see the scroll bar - just thought it was a border. This is way too narrow to grab and is a time waster to work with.

Could we at least have a setting to have real scroll bars like version 6.

I’ve seen lots of updates come through but none of them fix this scroll bar issue. Come on emClient. This problem is now really old and there’s been no fix.

Yes, and the same problem here too. We have purchased several licenses when the version was at 6. No problem at all.

Version 7 scrollbars - a disaster tbh.

We have a gentleman who works for us and has EMCLIENT v7 on his PC. He has difficulty seeing the screens at the best of times - we have to have the screen on a large resolution and the screen very bright.

He just cannot use these new scrollbars.

Please, please, please can we have an option to go back to the old style scrollbars. For the sake of the people who visually cannot see too well. It is bad enough for normal sighted people, but for those with less than 100% vision those tiny scrollbars with no scroll buttons are just a nightmare.

This is a classic example of a new feature that results in a degraded and substandard user experience. Absolute lunacy. I design software for a living and if I wanted my users to hate me I’d do something like this.

Yep, totally agree. I am a software developer myself, so we are in the same club :wink: Personally, if it was my software and I wanted to keep the tiny scrollbars (not sure why I would), I would at the very least give a simple option in the appearence options to revert back to the old style of scrollbar to at least give the partially sighted half a chance to be able to use the scrollbars. I haven’t seen anything like this in any other Windows software, it doesn’t conform to any kind of standard. Quite odd really. Outlook does hide scrollbars, but at least they are full size when they reveal!

The gentleman in question gets very frustrated. He did have some other issues like the tiny ‘show desktop’ bar in Win10, but at least there are workarounds for those problems. There does not seem any kind of fix for this.

I do think this is a real case of forgetting accessibility issues for those less fortunate with their vision. Not everyone has perfect eyesight. Even those that do find thos scroilbars hard still.

Please put this option in asap.

Hi marbles99,

There is an option in settings to increase some font sizes, but to deal with the low contrast issue requires modifying the theme. I made some changes to the Classic v7 theme to improve it for myself, and you are welcome to have a copy of it. Here…

(Right-click and use “save link as”.)

Hi Shanna

Thanks for the reply and the offer to use your modified theme, much appreciated.

But I think the problem here is the actual size of the scrollbar and the fact there are no scroll ‘buttons’ at the top and bottom. This gentleman has problems seeing then ‘gripping’ the tiny scrollbar with his mouse. It is just far to small. And without the buttons, very difficult to use.

But thanks again for the offer of use of the theme.


I totally concur that the new scrollbars (sic) are a huge usability oversight and need to be fixed asap. It’s an example of what can happen when idealism is put before functionality. Not good for the reputation of this otherwise excellent program. I see lots of people complaining about this (and i’m one of them).

Don’t hold your breath. I started this thread 4 months ago and the silence from eM Client is deafening. I don’t think that they really care. Glad I haven’t shelled out any money for this because they just don’t seem to care.  

As a windows 10 desktop mouse user I can barely see the vertical scroll bars, let alone hit them with a mouse pointer.  Wow.  Whoever thought this was a good idea?

Someone who isn’t reading this forum, doesn’t give a hoot, or both. It’s even more tedious and annoying in those parts of the UI where they’ve left room for a full width scroll bar and then only use a fraction of it for the actual scroll bar.