Version 6 very very slow, Ver 5 was great

I upgraded to version 6 about 2 months back. Am very disappointed with the new version as it is very very slow. Version 5 was fine and working perfectly alright.
The messages take a lot of time to display and to select, in the new version. I even tried to go back to ver 5 but could not.

Please give a solution so that emclient works normally as it used to in version 5.
I have a core i3 machine with 4gb ram. Tried with 8 gb ram. But still there was no improvement. Please help and give a solution.

can you tell me how long does it take to display an email? Did you install any unusual software that might be behind this?
Overall the feedback for the new version is positive and the application should be quicker.

But if you believe the downgrading to previous version would be a solution you can use this link to download the latest version 5 (

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It takes about 2 -3 seconds or more.

When I tried to install version 5 and restore the backup mails, it said that the mails were backed up using version 6. Hence they cannot be restored.

Hi, if you uninstall the previous version (6) and use the installer I’ve posted it should work, are you having issues with this particular version (That I’ve sent you)?

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Thanks. With the link you gave, I have installed version 5 and it is working fine. Much faster than the version 6.

However there are two other issues, for which I would like to get help from you :

  1. As in the picture below, you can see that there is very little space to read the content of the mail that I am reading. I use a 13.3 inches screen laptop and it is is very inconvenient to read mails. Is it possible to reduce the areas that I have marked in the picture with red arrows as “To Decrease”? Please give a solution to this problem.

  1. Anti-Spam feature of emclient is very disappointing. It does not work at all. Even after marking mails as “move to spam and blacklist email” they continue to arrive. Is it not possible to integrate anti-spam capabilities of Kaspersky (or other anti spam/anti virus s/w) with Emclient? Kaspersky used to work wonderfully with Outlook express.

Apart from these two issues I find emclient to be a great email software.

Hi Amit,

To find answers faster, you might use the ‘search’ function of this forum (top right corner).

Then you could have found a possible solution to be used as spam filter:…

I think your first question also has already been asked on this forum a few times.

Besides that, it’s also a good idea to start a new topic for a new question.

Hi, please check the solution provided by Hans for your second question.
As to your first question we’ve received some requests for reducing the size of the email header. You could use a “messages on the right” layout for seeing more of your email, but you wouldn’t see all your columns then.

Anyways, even though we’re considering the reduced header, if it’ll be implemented it won’t be available for version 5, just version 6 and future releases.

Thank you for understanding,