Version 6 Theme for V7

I was wondering if it is possible to create a version 6 type theme for version 7.
I find the new layouts less clear with less definition between screen areas.
Also I prefer the traditional file menus and shortcuts.
I am usually one to go with the flow and learn a new interface but when my wife asked me to change her free licensed v7 back to v6 I realised I was not alone in feeling a little uncomfortable with the new look.
Since I have a paid for license for v6 the new styles would make me a little reluctant to upgrade to version 7
Don’t take this as a super negative thing because I am otherwise I am very happy with eM Client’s great value and performance.

Thanks and regards,

Hello Martin,
sorry to hear you don’t like the new Interface, unfortunately we do not plan to adapt the old look UI to version 7 (as it included many issues with the higher DPI monitors).
If you prefer version 6, you can continue using it, as we have the download for version 6 still available on our website.


I have exactly the same problem, so i modifed the Classic V7 theme to make it a bit darker and more like the V6 Classic theme (though not identical).

You can fetch a copy of it here :

Hi shanna,
Thanks so much for doing this - and making it available.
I really like what you have done and will have a shot at doing some mods myself thanks to your example.
I will investigate if the ‘download pictures’ and ‘from/to’ information at the top of the received emails can be made more clear and compact as it was in v6.
Removing visible borders has made things less clear for me.

Thanks again!


Glad you like it :slight_smile:

FYI… I did not find any meaningful settings in the theme XML to control the email summary section at the top of individual emails.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I find this very confusing. As a Windows programmer I have always relied on windows API calls to produce the various windows/dialog boxes in a program. That ensures that the Windows settings, which a user may have spent years perfecting, are reflected in the program. The whole idea of Windows is “if you can use one program you can use them all”. It’s the greatest of pities that programmers spend time playing with layouts and themes when there are still underlying issues that need fixing.

I couldn’t agree more.
For me there is something strangely odd about the changes to the interface which make the program less functional because it is completely different to every other windows program.
It is a bold move to change/break windows standards and akin to having a non-standard layout of keys on a keyboard.
I feel better knowing others understand this.


Well i guess innovation goes both ways - you win some, you lose some. We should remember that the very existence of eM Client is due to this innovative thinking and the abillity to simplify and combine the best of both Outlook and Thunderbird. That is fairly amazing. And clearly they are continuing to simplify the interface as much as possible. I just think that eliminating scroll bars was a big usability mistake, especially since the market that eM Client is tapping into is Outlook and Thunderbird users - both desktop applications. On desktop we need scroll bars!

Agree with all the comments regarding V7.  To my mind it is a definite step back for eM Client, which is a great shame.  I tried V7 for a week or so and have had to go back to V6.  So much quicker in so many ways.


I just went back to V6. Much more mature programme. Leaner, faster, more relieable. This was the email client that made me abandon Thunderbird. I think V7 was a desperate attempt to generate some very urgently needed cashflow. Obviously too little too late.

Concerning going back to v6. 

I’ve updated to v7 about a month ago, however it is very slow and the interface is really a step backwards, but most of all is the slowness of the email client.

Seeing some of you have gone back to 6, I still have not deleted v6 (old) data, I’ve been using 7 for a month or so, if I go back to 6 will it still be able to keep present data (emails, etc.) while I used v7?

Thanks all for any guidelines going back.

I have all my accounts set to IMAP, so all my mails, calender and contacts are stored on the server(s). I don’t use emClients archiving function, so nothing of importance is stored inside emClient, just the account settings. All really important mails are saved as .eml in the project folders where they thematically beloong.
With that in mind I can switch between email clients without loosing anything. At the most I have to set up my accounts once again, which is no great bother.
If you have POP3 accounts and store your mail etc. inside the emClient database and use emClint for archiving, I would be hesitant to switch back to V6.

Hi Peter, 

I do have stored mails in the client and I’m the middle of a few projects with customers so it would not be in my interest to be “experimenting” :slight_smile: and mess up any stored email, for now, so I may hold on on going back from what you said.

I do appreciate your help and comments.

in the meantime I have tried version 7.0.27804. At least on my machine it has become much faster than before, so I will stay with it.

No, I have not tried that version and I’m willing to try, where would I download it?

eM Client says I have 7.0.26687.0 installed, if I check for upgrades, it reads “There is no update available.” 

Not sure where to download that particular version, is there a nightly build download area, listed by versions? I did see this however, it only says it’s eM Client Beta 2, I can’t see a “version” number, oh, and even that, when you hoover mouse over “download” button it is for version 7.0.25432, so even older then mine.

Thanks Peter …what would one do without community support 

download here:

You sure are in top of things. I made a note of the URL, thank you.

When i upgraded from v6 to v7, I left old data just in case I wished to go back to v6. I’d like to first Remove old data, maybe this is the issue? But I’m unsure what is meant by “old data”  …just v6 program application data, or end user data, like email, accounts, settings, etc.

I think I should first delete this old data before applying any updates, since if I do upgrade to your version, what then happens to “old previous data”? lol, more confusion to the dilema.

I made a new post here to see if I bring some light into this issue and see exactly what is meant by old data.…

I do appreciate your help friend.

Whatever you do, it wouldn’t hurt to back up the entire eM Client data folder first. I just made a copy of the whole folder in Windows Explorer before I exported everything and then re-installed (trying to solve a sync issue…unsuccessfully). 

I found out that a lot of stuff doesn’t get exported, so I had to go to that backup folder and grab some files, such as categories.dat and a couple of others. Still quite a few things I had to set up again from scratch, such as column configurations, category assignments for contacts, etc.

I do have backups but never had the need to recovered so I have little practice with doing a recovery of the client data nor what the steps would be, things that could go wrong, etc., perhaps I should look further into this and be sure to prepare for the worst. Thanks!