verify certificate for smtp

During SMTP diagnosis for smtp settings, the “Verify Certificate” window does not open. I cannot “connect” and hence not complete the smtp settings. Is there a way to trigger the “Verify Certificate” window to show up?

Hi Simon.

I have never seen a verify certificate window in eM Client, but then I do not connected to so many different servers. Which email provider or server are you using?

Or are you asking about Avast’s Mail Shield? If that is the case, disable Mail Shield and see if it works.

The server is

I would completely disable the antivirus software and try again. You can enable it again after testing. If it is the problem, then you need to consult the application’s help about allowing email clients or different ports.

Hi, thanks for this suggestion, however, it did not resolve the issue. I tried to set up the account on Thunderbird - same issue. Interestingly it is working fine on Outlook, although on port 25 and not on 587 as recommended.

You can try port 465 and Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)