Ver 7- No attachment

When I get an email with attachments (pdf,jpg), I do not see them anymore. When I open Outlook 2013, there are the attachments visible.

What could be the problem

What is the exact version of eM Client you are using? You can find it in Menu > Help > About.


“docx” and “html” did work. but not pdf and jpg!

Are they new informations? Attachment jpg or pdf are not visible!

It is very booring the work with two Email-Clients on the same time!

Same problem for me. Thunderbird receives the attachments, eM Client does not always. I forwarded the PDFs to myself from Thunderbird and they arrived in eM Client.
I was able to receive attached PDFs in eM Client on the home computer.
Both systems are up to date Win8.1 Pro with Start8.
Both eM Client installs are version 7.0.26557.0.
Both senders were using OSX and mail. One of them the latest OSX v12, which he admits to having problems with attachments.

does the issue still happen even with the latest version?


So far, so good.