Variable width font size

I have suggestion regarding fonts in emClient. I would like to see “Variable width” setting, like in Thunderbird or Postbox. With variable width font size you are letting recipient to decide which font size is best for him/her, so mails won’t be too tiny or extra large in case of a fixed font size. That would apply to signatures too, which now have some strange setting in which fonts in signatures appear larger then in a e-mail text (text and signatures have font of same size) 

Hi Dejan, can you please make a screenshot of the issue? What version of eM Client are you currently using.
Thank you for the suggestion but we’re currently not considering adding a font width option, maybe in future releases.


Hi Paul,
thank you for your reply.

In attachments are two screenshots - first one is my original mail which as you can see have one font size for text, and other for signature (signature font is smaller than text). But both signature and text were set for font Arial and font size of 10px.

Second screenshot is taken from client reply (probably from Outlook) which now shows that signature font is larger than text.

I hope that you understand that because of privacy I had to scramble parts of e-mail.

Original mail:

Replied mail:

Thank you

EDIT: I am using eM Client v6.0.19861.0

Hi, this is just due to different approach to text rendering in different applications, if he was viewing the email in eM Client it should be the same.
So yes, it is possible that this can occur while viewing a text formatted in eM Client  in a different client/application.

Also I can see you’re using an old version of eM Client. If you’d like to update your client to more recent version, please download the update here

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

thank you for your response.
I thought that this would be the problem, but this is why I asked for variable width font size in a first place :slight_smile:
This never happened in early mentioned mail programs (which have this feature), so this is something that I would really like to see implemented in emClient, too.

Thanks again!

As I mentioned earlier this is currently not a planned feature, maybe in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,