valid license

I got a free account and emClient has been worked well for the last 3 years. But today when I start the program, there is a window notify that my emClient does not have valid license and cannot have online synchronization or sending email anymore. What should I do to solve this. Thanks!

Hi poonrit,

Did you install eM Client on another computer and used the same license?
You’re only allowed 1 license per device, per user.

Try to re-apply your existing license. Hope you saved it somewhere safe.
If you lost it or was damaged because of a crash or misguided AV program.
You can ask for a resend of the license via the free license page
after you fillled in your email address.
(the same as when you first applied for the free license.

Salut Poonrit
I think if you go to Accounts. Column left, 
you click + and you enter your email address (The same)
 it should work. you give the passwords

Sorry, but for the license you have to go 
via Menu > Help > License

Hi All, Thanks for your replies, but I still cannot solve it. Guess I need a activation key–but how can I find the activation key for the free account? I have attached the screen shot here.  

OK Guys–solved now. I asked to resend the activation key and now it works. Have not realized that as I don’t remember I had to fill out the activation key when I installed eMClient the first time 2 years ago. Thanks everybody!

@ poonrit

Thanks for the feedback.
The solution was in my first answer.
Hope you saved the license this time.

Better yet - Make a folder with subfolders for each program or app
and store the license keys there with a description in Notepad with date obtained
and for which version and other info.
Do the same for the installers of special- or purchased- programs 

Also save this outside your computer on a marked usb stick.
in case your computer has an unrecoverable crash.