V8 is absolute! Program is useless. Give me my money back

I use EM Client V8 free ver and works perfectly. Its way faster & better in my opinion than V7. No issues.

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@Beige Can you detail exactly what are the issues you are having in V8.

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I find it odd, but I’m no techy, that some users are happy with it, and others are unable to use it, because emails simply aren’t sent or received, the fundamental reason for having an email system. Loads of fudge recommendations, like tweak your AV, but that is not a solution. When are EM going to make an announcement about the V8 problems, what they are doing to fix them, and when that is going to happen. At the moment, all they appear to be doing is cowering behind the settee, hoping the shitstorm will go away. It won’t.

calendar events disappear a day before the event. They show up when I create them. They are visible in web calendar, on my phone, in Thunderbird, and in EM version 7. On EM version 8, the day before the event they vanish.

I reported this a month ago, have submitted about 6 critical tickets, and have had no reply and no resolution.

@mre Which account Calendar are you using ? eg: Microsoft, Google, Apple…

outlook.com. Not office365 (I do use that too, but not for these appointments. It may also be a problem with that, I just haven’t had to try it yet).

I have a lot of problems with it. I’m having to use webmail in conjunction with EMC. I have to send mail with webmail client - if I forget and send a mail with EMC, then it goes into lala land where it

a) won’t copy mail to sent folder (just fails repeatedly).
b) won’t do anything else like check for or filter new mail

I have to move the mail from the sent folder in EMC (It’s not been synced to the IMAP server yet) into another folder, and then close EMC and re-open it to clear the error. Then I use the webmail client to move the messages back to the sent folder properly.

It’s a nightmare.

Using a pro license.

As for whether support should check forums. Well it’s crazy not to, and it’s crazy to ignore the wealth of information you get from users (even of free product) in a forum. If a development team is serious about fixing bugs they will keep an eye on the forums as well.

Lastly though, consider that they may be short-staffed on support due to COVID19

p.s. I’ve checked protocol logs on the server. There’s no attempt made for APPEND to copy the mail to sent folder.

Fact is that eM Client has some bugs or bad designed options. All programs have.
Fact is that programmers made what they want raraely listening to people’s ideas.
But fact is too that eM Client is now probably best email client on the market. I tested a lot of them for years and believe me - number of bugs in other email clients is similar, but without benefits eM Client gives.

I have my personal list I shared with support about bugs / requests / ideas - so far is 15 of them. I’ll see how many of them will be implemented / fixed. From my experience (I read this forum even before I bought eM Client license) new features, even promised, never was made fast.

I may share list of problems and ideas with other users, but for now it’s just for support eyes only. If “we will consider…” becomes “never, ever”, I’ll ask for community support of my ideas and bugfixes (because in some cases the more users wants something, the bigger chances that option will be made and bug fixed).

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if they don’t check the forums, there’s no point in having them. Unless it’s to hope that users will solve one anothers’ problems so that real support doesn’t have to.

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if they don’t check the forums, there’s no point in having them. Unless it’s to hope that users will solve one anothers’ problems so that real support doesn’t have to.”


How many 100s or 1000s of tickets do they need reporting the same issues. I’m certainly not filing a ticket on behalf of every single one of my clients I’ve referred to, and provide frontline support for, eM Client (oops, yeah all the fanbois, I’m a Dev also).

To reiterate, this patch was shit. Reverted back to 7.xx. Hopefully 9.0 is better, otherwise, I’ll trash this program along with my VCR

PLEASE tell me how to revert to version 7!!! I’ve uninstalled version 8 through Windows control panel, and when I try to reinstall 7, I get an error message that I already have a later version and can’t reinstall 7. I have deleted all of the files through Windows Program files, Users, and everywhere else. I even deleted some of the registry entries. No luck. So I can’t downgrade, and the new version isn’t usable. So what do I do now?

@mre It sounds from what you have done thus far, you are happy to completely nuke eM Client and start from scratch with a clean installation of eM Client v7. I did the same!

To be clear, have you deleted the eM Client folders located under the hidden folder:
C:\Users\ [your_username]\AppData?
If not, then you need to uninstall any versions of eM Client, make hidden folders visible and then delete or rename the following:

C:\Users\ [your_username]\AppData\Local\eM Client
C:\Users\ [your_username]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

If you cannot see C:\Users\ [your_username]\AppData - which is hidden by default - you need to make hidden folders visible. See this link.

Uninstalling and deleting these two folders should be enough to allow a clean v7 installation.

In summary the steps I would advise for someone (without local email archives they want to save) who wants a clean installation are:

  1. Make sure you have a note of your licence for eM Client - even if it is a free one.
  2. Exit eM Client if it is running. Uninstall eM Client completely - and do not save any data if prompted by the uninstaller.
  3. [If necessary] Make hidden folders visible
  4. Delete or rename the folders under Users as detailed above, ie:
    C:\Users[your_username]\AppData\Local\eM Client
    C:\Users[your_username]\AppData\Roaming\eM Client
  5. Reboot your PC - just to be on the safe side.
  6. Install eM Client v7, re-specify your email account(s) and re-enter your license. (Not a big deal if you have lost it, they can email you a reminder as long as you remember which email account it was allocated to.) Re-sync all your data from online servers - make take many, many hours.
  7. [If wanted] Make hidden folders hidden again (reversing what you did in step 3).

NB If you rename those folders in step 4 rather than deleting them, then after you are happy everything is working okay, you might want to delete them to free up storage space on your PC.

Hi there,

I am currently using the free V8 trial version having previously used the free V7 job. It seems to be working absolutely fine. I note you have upgraded your windows. Perhaps the issue is with Windows rather than eM. You might have a look at the Microsoft Community forum where thousands of people including myself have and are having a nightmare with the horror show that is Windows Updates. So many have seen their systems collapse while others have lost all mail, sound, keyboard, mouse and internet to mention but a few. Many like myself have to install their forced updates and then uninstall them to get our systems working correctly.

@hitbit Glad to hear your transition to v8 went well.

Alas, many of us have had awful problems with v8. Some of these are down to undocumented new features and new ways of doing things (the help system is still on v6!), but some are simply things that used to work perfectly well in v7 that no longer do v8 (eg, synchronisation of ‘unread’ new mail that has been moved to storage folders, impossibility of syncing with gmail accounts for some users, calender events disappearing after they have passed, incompatibility with certain antivirus packages).

Most of us who have downgraded v7 (without fiddling with Windows) find the problems went away again. Mine certainly did.

So… while it is possible that incompatibility with Windows 10 updates is the culprit… it appears more prudent to wait for eM Client to iron out its bugs rather than forcing us to hobble and continuously battle to prevent our operating system updating with updates of inconsistent quality.

I am the first to be critical of MS Windows 10 update quality, but I don’t think it is reposnsible for the problems so many of us here are experiencing with eMC v8; I wonder how many of the PRO users who have paid for a licence are encountering problems?

In my opinion V8 is not a disaster. It does have its flaws, but out of all the email clients, I’m finding it fits my needs the best.

And yes, I have sent in some bug reports to the developers. In each case, I received an email reply within a day or two. Maybe I’m just special, but their response is pretty darn good!

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What was considered “normal” before v8 has now turned into ticket responses taking quite some time longer. I responded to a ticket on 6/29/20 and received a reply on 8/5/20. They appear to be overwhelmed with v8 issues.

Yes, seems about the norm these days. My Pro user ticket acknowledged on 25/07/20 responded to 03/08/20.

Hi DaviF,
Just to say eM is still working fine. My free trial version expires tomorrow and I am torn between the paid and free versions. Surely eM are not dumping a technically inferior free version on their customers as this would not encourage opting for the paid version. Unless of course offering the paid version as a free trial is meant to clearly display a difference between the products. It would be interesting to know if those having issues are using free or paid versions. Many seem to decry v8 voicing the opinion that v7 is far superior. I have previously used Outlook and Thunderbird backed up by Mailwasher but all began having Yahoo generated difficulty with my Sky Yahoo mail. eM works fine with it.


I think we are all here because we tried guys, we all hoped for something different.
It’s sad to say, and I hate to say it, but for me it’s time to go back to Outlook, my business does not have more time to waste.

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