V8 imap - antivirus issue

Hi there. I use eM Client since many years. I just upgraded from v7 to v8. After the upgrade I have not been able to connect to my imap-Server anymore.
After quite some research I found this comment: https://forum.emclient.com/t/version-8-upgrade-problem-with-gmail-server-connection/64045
And Russel is right. Everything worked after I deactivated the antivirus software for mails (avast). However this can’t be the solution in my eyes. I still want the scans on incoming mails and attachments. So whose issue is this? eM client or avast. Since the link above does name a specific AV-software I guess it is an eM Client issue.
Will there be an update soon?
Thanks a lot.

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Hi Lynx,

The update is now being tested and it shoud be released the next week or the week after.


Hi Russel,

I have the same issue.
Can i download this “beta” version somewhere to test if this version solves the issue?


The latest em client version is installed but still doesn’t work with IMAP (Gmail, Yahoo, outlook …)
Only turn off email shied of Avast, eM client is working.
I tried import Certificied from Avast, but not working.
It’s fine with eM client 7.