V8 cladav sync to icloud not working

Updated this morning from v7 to v8 and since then caldav sync with icloud does not work anymore.

Original error message in german:
[CalDAV] Die Synchronisierung von iCloud von [calendar name] ist fehlgeschlagen mit folgendem Fehler: iCloud von [user name] (Unauthorized)

My translation:
[CalDAV] Sync of iCloud from [calendar name] failed with the following error: iCloud from [user name] (Unauthorized)

Strang thing is carddav sync works like before.

I can provide the cladav.log if this will help. Hope this issue will be fixed soon.

I’m having a similar problem. I would really like to get this problem corrected. I have tried numerous things without any success.

same issue here: with icloud emClient v8 is unusable… :cry:

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