V8 cladav sync to icloud not working

Updated this morning from v7 to v8 and since then caldav sync with icloud does not work anymore.

Original error message in german:
[CalDAV] Die Synchronisierung von iCloud von [calendar name] ist fehlgeschlagen mit folgendem Fehler: iCloud von [user name] (Unauthorized)

My translation:
[CalDAV] Sync of iCloud from [calendar name] failed with the following error: iCloud from [user name] (Unauthorized)

Strang thing is carddav sync works like before.

I can provide the cladav.log if this will help. Hope this issue will be fixed soon.

I’m having a similar problem. I would really like to get this problem corrected. I have tried numerous things without any success.

same issue here: with icloud emClient v8 is unusable… :cry:

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finaly I fixed the issue. Here is how it worked for me. No warranty, you do all on your own risk

I. The problem as far as I can see from the logs the problem is caused on apples side. It simply throws an unauthorized back without any more information. I guess it has to do with the 2017 change how apple allows icloud logins for third party apps. So this is hard to debug. But I found a way.

II. My setup I have several calendars witch I share with other family members and sync between my apple devices and emclient on windows.

III. The simple fix for some of my calendars. Some of them I could sync after I used the repair option of emclient. (right click of the calendar -> properties -> repair)

IV. The more advanced fix for the other calendars. This should work in all cases. Here is the step by step list how I solved it:

  1. login to https://www.icloud.com/ and rename the calendar. If it is a shared calendar also stop sharing.

  2. make a new calendar with the original name.

  3. make an export of your renamed calendar. Therefore:

    • Click on the calendar icon in the overview.
    • In addition to the name of the calendar, when you move the mouse over it, you will see a symbol that reminds you of a WiFi signal.
    • Click this icon to share the calendar. Now a dialogue opens. Mark the calendar as public. Now you will see a link underneath, which you can copy to the clipboard by clicking on Copy link.
    • Important: Do not close the dialog or the calendar yet!
    • Now paste the address from the clipboard into the address line of the browser. Don’t press return yet! The address starts with webcal: // - changes that to http: // and press return to start the download.
    • The iCloud calendar is saved as a file on your hard drive. When saving, you should change the displayed file name and append the file extension .ics. So turn a monster like “mpBPbCHS6GM4Hp5dFtN …” into something like “iCloud-Export.ics”.
    • Now you can cancel the sharing of the calendar.
    • However, you have to follow the order described above. The export of the calendar from the iCloud only works while you have opened the release procedure at the same time.
  4. to import the export calendar into your new one the only way I found was with the native calendar app on a mac computer. Neither emclient, Thunderbird, Outlook or the web interface of icloud.com could do the import. I also tried to send the .ics file via email to my iphone and import it from there does work because you have to import very single entry by hand. Good luck with thousands of entries. So if you don’t have a mac you have to aks a friend. Make sure to use a new added user on the mac to import your calendar to avoid a mix of his icloud with yours. On the mac you enter your icloud account and sync only the calendar then you click on the exported .ics file and choose into witch calendar you want to import the entry’s. That’s it.

  5. now you can delete the old renamed calendar or you keep it. But then you have to uncheck it in emclient to avoid error messages.

@em_client support team: The feature of adding new calendars and export and import existing calendars would be very helpful and would make emclient unique among all other windows mail clients.

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