V8.2 Google Meet & Zoom integration issues as a meeting provider

Hi all, Just installed the new 8.2 version and happy to see online meeting integration.

I only use Zoom so was surprised to see that Google Meet cannot be removed with the remove button inside the settings. I have added Zoom and that is all good but when I create a new meeting the Google Meet is the default and pre-filled and I have to pull down and select Zoom each time. It would be great to be able to remove the provider I don’t use.

Have I missed something?


Oh yes i see there is actually no eg: Set default in Online Meetings Settings… Maybe then you just remove everything but Zoom for now. Should be a “Set default button” in there.

Hi, No option to set as default as you say and also the option to remove Google Meet is greyed out…

Ok. Hopefully then eM Client Devs will add (Set default) on a later build and remove option for Google Meet when not using it.

Am I missing something? How do you add a Zoom Meeting Event when you are not the host like how do you make an easy calendar event for room “hxxps://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/xxxxxxxx”, on Linux and Mac OS X, I just put the “hxxps://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/xxxxxxxx” and I have a desktop notification on time, I just click on the html link and it opens Zoom video chat room, here this seems not possible, any explanation?

By default, users who have enabled Google Calendar access in eM Client accounts already have Google Meet added as an Online Meeting provider for every one of those accounts in eM Client.

So, because Google Meet is tied to the Google Calendar function, the only way you can remove the service from eM Client is by disabling your Google Calendar service, which means your Google Calendar will no longer appear in eM Client.

If you still wish to remove it, you can go to Menu > Accounts and select your Google account, then in the General Tab, scroll down to Services and uncheck the box for Google Calendar.

Also, please note that Google Meet can only create meetings for Gmail accounts, so you need to create the online meeting in a Google Calendar in eM Client in order to create a Google Meet link.

You can find out more about Online Meetings in the Documentation.


That makes sense Gary. Thanks for clarifying that :slight_smile: