V8.2 free but v9 no longer free?

All versions of eM Client up to v8 have been free till now, v9 is no longer free. Will those wanting to stay with their free license version be able to or will they eventually be forced to upgrade to the pay versions or look for another freeware?

If you use eM Client for personal use with a free (non company business) email address, then the same free personal license still works with V9 too.

Are you getting a message about V9 license activation not working ?

Can you elaborate on the problem with any error messages you get when you upgrade to V9.

Thank you for your reply.
I received nothing from the actual program just an email like many received promoting v9. But unlike other email promos from the past version updates this time I didn’t see an option for a free version.
Why wouldn’t a free version still being available have been mentioned?

Backup your current version via “Menu / Backup” Then once backed up close eM Client, and then d/l new version 9.0.1708 released officially and install. Them reopen the program.

Normally though you get auto update within the program.

eM Client version history for Windows or Mac


Thanks again for all the info!

BTW…do I de-activate the free license on v8 before updating to v9 or just click update?

do I de-activate the free license on v8 before updating to v9 or just click update

Don’t need to deactivate V8 before upgrading to V9 on the same computer. Just update.

Many thanks for your help cyberzork…is there a read email counter, I see the unread counter beside folders?