V8.2.1473 Leave mail on Gmail Server

I use Mailwasher Pro v7.12.53 to check all my email prior to downloading.
Since setting up emClient I now find that Mailwasher is not removing my downloaded emails from the server, I have to go back to Mailwasher and delete them.

I have searched through emclient the settings but cannot find where to turn off leave a copy of messages on the Gmail server. I believe if I turn off this setting them Mailwasher will work as it should.

Can anybody point me in the direction please?

viernes 25 junio 2021 :: 1624hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @subyroo

Assuming that you are using POP3
Go to: Menu ->Accounts ->Select account you want to modify ->POP3 ->Server settings ->
Select the action you want ->Save & Close

ALSO in Mailwasher Pro
(latest version is : v7.12.54)
Settings -> Accounts ->Select account ->Incoming ->Advanced ->Pipelining ->Enable for deleting mail ->Save

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Hi skybat,
Thanks for your reply.

I am using imap for both emClient and Mailwasher.
The setting you gave for Mailwasher were already set for deleting emails.

In my emClient settings should I have any boxes ticked in the Sync Options section?
I currently have no boxes ticked.


sábado 26 junio 2021 :: 1214hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @

If you use IMAP you should consider Mailwasher Enterprise Server (MWES) as opposed to Mailwasher Pro (MWP)

I’m surprised to learn you are using IMAP because you say that you want to DELETE mail from the server; let me explain with a brief overview I wrote some while back for our clients…


Being the original protocol, POP follows the simplistic idea that only one client requires access to mail on the server and that mails are best stored locally. This leads to the following advantages:

Mail stored locally, i.e. always accessible, even without internet connection.
Internet connection needed only for sending and receiving mail.
Saves server storage space.
Option to leave copy of mail on server.
Consolidate multiple email accounts and servers into one inbox.

IMAP was created to allow remote access to emails stored on a remote server. The idea was to allow multiple clients or users to manage the same inbox. So whether you log in from your home or your work computer, you will always see the same emails and folder structure since they are stored on the server and all changes you make to local copies are immediately synced to the server.

As a result, IMAP has the following advantages:

Mail stored on remote server, i.e. accessible from multiple different locations
Internet connection needed to access mail
Faster overview as only headers are downloaded until content is explicitly requested
Mail is automatically backed up if server is managed properly
Saves local storage space
Option to store mail locally

What Is the Best Email Protocol for Me?
Obviously, it depends on your specific variables and you probably have an idea of what is best suited for your situation already. The points below should help to make a final decision.

Choose POP If…
You want to access your mail from only one single device
You need constant access to your email, regardless of internet availability
You have limited server storage

Choose IMAP If…
You want to access your email from multiple different devices
You have a reliable and constant/permanent internet connection
You want to receive a quick overview of new emails or emails on the server
Your local storage space is limited
You are worried about backing your emails up.

If in doubt, go with IMAP. It’s the more modern protocol, it allows you to be flexible, and your email is automatically backed up on the server. Furthermore, server space usually isn’t an issue these days, and you can still store important emails locally.

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