v7 main menu is so bad

I am wondering if you could hide a little bit more the main menu on the next release ? For now we can still find it you know?.. We don’t lose enough time in your 2 to 4 menu levels for basic action …  but if you want to kill our productivity it’s already a good step ;) 

What happen? How is it possible that this new menu has been approved by your team ? Seriously it’s really bad. the main actions are now hidden in the second or third click levels. You don’t have this problem on your side? this new menu is not helpfull at all. This kind of sudden change doesn’t follow the usual emclient spirit.

Could you at least let us the choice to use this non ergonomic version or the usual (as on v6…), please ? 

Thank you !

ps: don’t be confused… even with this ironic post I am still a very happy user  ;)

According to our telemetry only few users actually use the top menu.
Putting it under the menu button also allowed for more vertical space - which was a critical for computers/notebooks with smaller display resolution and tablets.
Which main actions do you feel have been hindered by this change? Can you please provide specific use-case examples?
Thank you for your feedback.


thank you for the quick reply. 
I guess in a mailbox the telemetry data highlights buttons such as reply, forward etc … but this not means that the main menu is not important or not use daily.   

Request to list you the actions sounds a bit strange for me. It’s obvious. There is one more click for any actions and these actions are now hidden in a submenu (2 or 3 levels…) 

Now instead of one or 2 clicks for basic actions, we are wasting time on a first click to open a tiny menu very not practical.

In fact the problem is even more frustrating in the “new mail window” than on the main interface.  When writing an email it is very painful to have the “main menu” hidden. I want to click save, click delayed send, click change format, click check spelling. I want to do that from the main menu and not from the content toolbar. oh and we don’t want to use the shortcuts all the time.  

  • save a draft
  • sending delay
  • change mail format
  • adjust the displays
    … see your submenus for full list :slight_smile:

You are hiding basic options… not good for regular user, not good for new user. 

In another post you are talking about minimalist design guidelines and cross-platform compatibility . I am ok to display tiny menus on mobile but  we are on desktop here and don’t use the working space we all have is just wrong imho.  

Whatever the arguments, the fact is that we are losing more time with Emclient v7 than before and the usability/ergonomy is impacted…

With kind regards,

thank you very much for this feedback.
I consulted the specific cases you mentioned and our team will make these changes in the version 7.1.

Mass Mail and Delayed send will be moved to a menu under ‘Send’ (under the arrow option, the same way you can choose New>Message/Contact/etc.), making it even easier to access than in the older menu.

Save draft, Print, Mail Format and Check Spelling will be available as buttons in the customizable Toolbar.


Dear Olivia,
Could you let us know the release date of the v7.1, please ? November, December ? Thank you. I thought the 7.1 would have be a minor release and quickly out … Have you changed the plan ? 

Best regards,

Please - create an option for “tablet” mode and bring back a full menu which is always visible. To do something, we now need click, click, click, click…