v7 beta installation problem

I sought help last week because printed pages from eM Client were being heavily cropped on the right-hand and bottom margins, thereby losing text. This was occurring on both print to paper and pdf versions.
I received a number of suggestions from you on how to cure this, without success, and finally you suggested that I install v7 beta. I tried to do this yesterday evening, but had further problems.  The new app wouldn’t recognise my email account from my email address, and it also couldn’t find my email data, so I just had empty folders in eM Client, and there was no menu bar which might have enabled me to import the data manually. 
I then tried a System Restore, but it failed.
I resolved the problem by temporarily renaming the data folder, uninstalling v7 beta, restoring the former name to the data folder, and finally reinstalling the earlier version.  That worked, albeit I’m still having the print cropping problem.
Any suggestions?  I’m running Windows 10 on a Dell laptop with twin hard drives. So, I have the app on my C: SDD, and my data on my D: HDD.  Nick

Hello Nicholas,
that seems to be quite a lot of stuff, and I do not understand why you took some of the steps you did, so I’ll need you to clarify few things.
What version of eM Client are you running now, v6 or v7?
When you installed v7, was there any problem during the installation?
Did you choose to migrate your old database or did you try to set up a new one?
Did you move your eM Client database to the D drive or did you keep it in the Roaming folder it was created in?