v6 to v7 mail import bugs (rules)

When i ran the v6 -> v7 import it did not get my rules right. Firstly, the order of the rules got changed. And secondly, ‘move to folder’ lost the name of the folder in all but one case.

I had delete each rule and add them again before they worked. 

Same here and already opened a support ticket for this. See https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/em7-rc-migrated-rules-do-not-work-anymore

Defined 100 rules and above, most of them lost target folder name for move operations and account restrictions, see my posting below.

No way to delete them and rebuild them all…

We will fix the problem with rule order in upcoming update. So far we didn’t manage to reproduce the problem with folder names, but we are working on it.