V10 question about new unread messages count

I am hesitant to install the beta, because I don’t have time right now to fix my e-mail if there are problems, like betas can have.

I really just wondered if someone can advise who is using it - does the new “unread messages shown as separate red counters, instead of total unread messages” feature mean that total unread messages no longer shows, or do they show side-by-side?

The text and screenshot on the beta release page suggests it could be either - using the words separate", but also “instead of”, and a screenshot that suggests it’s “instead of”.

I would not want to lose the ability to see the total unread count, but would like the ability to see new unread e-mails as well.

To me, Vivaldi Browser does this quite nicely, having two different icons for unread vs unseen.


my wish would be this layout from Claws, a mail client from Linux which doesn’t support CardDAV/CalDAV.
the total is the number of mails. if someone likes this , please add the total size in megabytes for quota and similar restrictions.)

For anyone stumbling upon this, I installed the v10 beta, and there is no option to display these numbers side-by-side; you can only display one or the other.