V 8 em Client not downloading messages

I have been using em Client for years - with no problems.

I upgraded to v 8 some 10 days ago. em Client stopped working property. Would not download messages, nor allow to reply to an email (saying that email being responded to was not completely downloaded).

I added em Client to the list of programs AVG should ignore. Nothing changed.

I disabled AVG, and em Client worked all OK.

I re-enabled AVG and it stopped again.

I can’t disable / enable AVG all day long for em Client to work properly.

Is there a fix?


Yeah; stop being paranoid and uninstall AVG :slight_smile: (no offence, I’m sure someone told you a long time ago).

This is 2021; Things has changed.
Make sure your Windows /operating system is updated all the time and you wont have to bother with anti virus software.
People will tell you that I’m crazy not using antivirus - truth is: I havn’t in many years - all antivirus software is fundamentally flawed. Like air crash investigation, a virus is only blocked once the software knows about it, which is usually too late.
So; take it from a software developer with 25+ years of experience and 30 years fixing computers:

Think about where you are, where you login, what you download and regain the missing 20% of your computer power.



Not a bad idea actually. But Windows already comes with an excellent anti-virus/malware tool as part of the OS if you want to use one, and it does not affect eM Client!

I am sure there are many eM Client users that have AVG, so maybe you have not properly configured it. Hopefully one of them may comment here, otherwise you could find an AVG forum and get some advice from them.

You are right about the MS anti virus module, I just forgot to mention. Its fine and its updated automatically all the time.
The upside to MS AV is that its not taking a toll on your system like those third party ones tend to do.