uw-imap IMAP server directory 'Mail' as root of IMAP folders

I’m investigating using eM Client as a Thunderbird replacement on the client side and using the UW IMAP server on the server side. 

Problem is that when eM Client is configured and connected, all the user’s home directory files and directories are shown, when the root directory for all the IMAP mail files is ‘Mail’.

Is there anyway to configure the eM Client to start it’s IMAP folders at the user’s Mail directory for the root of that user’s IMAP mail files?  Thunderbird has a setting for this.  Does eM Client have a similar setting?

Dear Erik,
I’m having hard time understanding what your problem is, do you mean viewing your inbox after clicking on specific accounts on the left menu? Because that can’t be changed in eM Client.

If that is not your issue, do you think you could post screenshots of the settings you see and what you want to achieve here in the forum?

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In the image below, we are looking at Alex’s mail account.

The listing of the files and directories are the ones from Alex’s home directory on the Linux email server, which is using the uw-imap server.

Now, what I want / need is for eM Client to use the ‘Mail’ as root or home of his email account.

For example:

Here is the configuration for the IMAP account, and the resulting folder display:

(These are all inside the ‘Mail’ directory).

Hello Erik,
I’m sorry but this cannot be configured in eM client.

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