UTC-06:00 Guadalajara, Ciudad de México, Monterrey Issue

Hello eM Client Team good day!

IDK if there is a topic about this (i searched but i dont find anyone about this), in Mexico the DST is deleted.

The issue in this case is that after the DST my calendar is showing incorretly the already program events, this events show 1 hour before.

I´m checking my phone calendar and office 365 calendar and this is OK, but in eM Client Calendar are showing incorrectly.

My software version is 9.2.1628 (a307a94), if there is something else that i can share with you, just tell me, idk if there is a patch already.

eM Client gets the time and time zone from your OS. Please make sure Windows is correctly set to use DST.

Gary good day

I checked that and is disabled, is correct, as i said, the new events are registering corretly but the already programed not.

I press Windows + I, → Time and Lenguage → Date and Time → Change DST Disabled.

This last thing is correct, in México no longer exist the DST.

In your WIndows settings, DST needs to be ENABLED.

Windows will automatically adjust the times for when DST is not active. You don’t do that yourself.


Can´t be enabled, there is an update that disable that, idk if this give some additional info, cause says “No DST” for “(UTC-06:00) Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey”

eM Client gets this information from your OS. If Windows is set so both time and time zone are automatic, which automatically applies DST, it will be correct.

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