Using 'Today' button to sort the month view to show current week at top of page, with today more visibly highlighted

I find the calendar page a bit confusing as it doesn’t shift the top row to being the current week, using the moth view

For example when I looked at it today I had to do a lot of scrolling just to check today’s appointments

It would be AMAZING if I could just click on the “Today” button and the page sorts the top row to being the current week (in month view at least)

Agree. This would be very convenient.

Agree. If more users will vote on this, then it gets reviewed and fixed.

Absolutely, just searching for an answer to this very annoying problem but it looks like there isn’t one. Come on you techie guys it cant be that difficult - can it?

no change yet - but when it comes it should show the current day in the top line on the screen. when i open the calendar i do not care what was in the last month. what is important is what is happening in the month ahead…

so - if there is no absolut month view (full month from first to last day) then let’s have the current day in the top row!

This still has not been changed in the latest build (18661). This seems like a very small change that should be easy to make, but would add a lot of convenience.


most probably this will not be implemented exactly as you want.

We already provide function that when you have scrolled far from current day/week (so you do not see it) and then you click on Today then it scrolls exactly as it is in feature request.

When you see current day/week it is meaningless to do anything with scrolling.

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If you scroll the calendar into the future, and then press the Today button, it does move the current week to the top, however if you scroll the calendar into the past, and then push Today, it moves the current week to the bottom of the window. It would be better to always move it to the top of the window.


currently this is in our TODO list, so “Today” button should behave in a way that i will always show curent day/week under top bar.

Unfortunately it is not easy to solve as it might look so I can’t tell you when exactly it will be done.


I just installed version 6, and am happy to confirm that this is now fixed. Nice job!

There is still 1 thing which could be improved: when clicking the [today] button, besides showing ‘today’ in the first row, ‘today’ should also be selected.

Current situation: it is now December 27. I scroll through the month view and select April 29.

If I now press [today], December 27 will be shown in the first row with a ‘blue’ color…suggesting it is selected.

But: when I press the [arrow right] key, the month view jumps back to April and selects April 30…the day after the previously selected April 29.

I would expect that when I click [today], the calendar jumps to December 27 (which it now does), and when I press [arrow next], it should select December 28.

Hi, thank you for noticing I will ask my colleague about this.


Hi, it is repaired and it should go out in upcoming patch.