Using temporary FROM addresses when sending emails.

IT would be usefull (To me anyway) if the From address bos was not only a dropdown list but had an option to type in an address
I use different different/temporary addresses and it would be good to not have to create each address as an alias to use it.

Is this possible ?

I am sorry but it is not possible.

Are there any new plans for this?  Outlook used to let me supply ad-hoc from addresses which worked very well for managing spam.

Unfortunately it is not possible to use temporary sending emails, you can only setup other email addresses as aliases and select them from the dropdown.


I agree, this feature would be very useful.  For example, our company uses an email based fax system that only works with ONE email address. So in the FROM: field, many people at our company need to be able to enter this ONE email address.  Outlook users can do this.  Our EM users cannot.