Using "Show Conversations" on large threads stalls emClient


I love this product and it got better over the years but one thing that remains an irritant
is the fact that it becomes very very slow when clicking on the subject line of a thread
that contains many replies. I often have threads with 20-60 replies and it takes a minute
for them to open in the details section. While this is happening, the interface doesnt
respond correctly.

I chose this product because it is able to group e-mails by Conversations but this feature
makes it awefully slow. As a comparative, Outlook doesn’t have this issue.

Accounts are all IMAP and the issue arises as soon as the threads reaches 20 or 30 replies.
Internet connection is 100mbps and there is plenty of RAM.

Thanks for any hints

I have the same issue - when threads get long, emclient stalls. I have the latest 9.1.2109 on W7 x64. I see a grey/white checker line scrolling above the mail body, and when looking at system details, there is no significant disk/network activity, just emclient using up one cpu. Scrolling back through the thread (headers) is also stalled.