Using REGEXs (Regular Expressions) or wildcards for filtering emails

Good morning everybody,

I have a need to filter emails with regular expressions or wildcards within eM.

I’d like to create a rule where all the sender whose email starts with one specified character must be moved in a different folder than the Inbox.

I wrote something like that:

Where the sender is:

a*@*.* or b*@*.* move message into folder A-B

This does not seem to work.

How can I do that? Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



Hi Andrea, unfortunately this is not possible in eM client at the moment, you can only enter full email address or part, but it’s not possible to add just a starting letter of an email address.
Maybe in future releases.

Thank you,

Good morning Paul,

thank you for replying. This is really a pity but I’m sure that eM Client will keep improving like it’s been since ever.

Thank you for being so quick.



No problem, if you have any other issues, questions or suggestions, let us know, we’ll be happy to help or consider any good ideas for improvement.

Thank you,

Putting in my vote for wildcard email address filtering, also something I really need a solution for.  In my case, wildcard on the username part, e.g.   * .  Thanks!!

(Btw, what about the ability to specify an arbitrary and+or tree for the conditions?  the outlook-like approach is pretty limiting.  Automated rules are really useful!)

I just want to second the motion for wildcards in Mail Rules. I often get emails from different departments within the same client companies and need to keep them segregated by cient. Having to enter each department manually to the rule is exceedingly cumbersome.

++1 for wildcards and regular expressions!

Hi. Yet to see any development on this front. If I’d known it wasn’t possible to filter on parts of an email address I would not have taken the time to install this app

Development has stalled the last few weeks or months. Version 7 does not appeal me and others, too, and has too many bugs. Support stuff has vanished so have updates for version 7.

Moreover good ideas and enhancements have been ignored for years and no real development has been undergone in version 7 - was just a major overhaul of the UI and still missing full support for a fully customizable toolbar. Not to mention this annoying scrollbar issue floating around here and the lack of good themes. The conversation view has its ssues, too, printing is buggy and many more.

Archiving is half backen and mainly works just with GMail, that I don’t use at all.
Email rules are too basic for power users like me. Version 7 does not fully support Windows 10 like the new notification API or those live tiles.

I’m really disappointed and fed up with emclient!

As a software developer, I can’t comprehend why they let this slip so. Addressing user requirements, thinking up new capabilities, that’s the life blood of a project.
This looks like a good product.
Wonder if they’ll let me have the software? I’m sure with some tlc, it could shine.

Problem is obviously that ongoing issues with the major email providers like Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook bind too many resources and this causes enhancements to be dropped once and forever. Version 7 is the first major release for two years and honestly no real deal breakers are included, right?

I just had a quick look at Postbox recently. Unfortunately no CardDav and CalDav support at the moment (I’ve requested this three yrs ago w/o any success, I guess this will not change the next two yrs either).

I came from Thunderbird to emClient because of the native calendar and CardDav support some years ago. But I missing real new features and enhancements at various places.

I now will re-check Thunderbird again, maybe the Lightning issue where multiple accounts pointing to the same URL causing authentication issues, has now been fixed.


This program could be so good it’s scary with just some minor work… and yet it isn’t and doesn’t seem to be headed in that direction.

Mind boggling.

In my opinion, any serious email client should absolutely allow regular expressions. This has been a huge annoyance using this client over older ones like Thunderbird or SeaMonkey. PLEASE add this!

I too need to be able to use regular expressions (wildcards) to filter my email. I am surprised that a mail app with so many great features does not handle them.  I am seriously thinking of going back to Thunderbird.

I’m seeing this issue in 2021 (when I too am looking for RegEx for filtering). Have Regular Expressions been implemented in the meantime?