Using my *.ics/*.csv without importing them?

Hello again,

I don’t have a CalDAV server nor do I trust the very few ones out there. So, is there any chance I can use my locally stored *.ics and/or *.csv without importing them? Or using them while on a FTP server or a Cloud?

I’m asking because I do sync everything with my phone/tablets/PCs.

Sincerely yours,
Philipp Frigerio

P.S.: I know that there is an option for using Internet Calendars. But the problem is, you can’t add anything into those calendars nor delete anything out of those calendars. Unfortunately.

Internet Calendars, or shared ics files, are read-only. If you want an editable shared calendar you will need to use one of the calendar account formats supported by eM Client.

If your phone is an iPhone, you probably already have an iCloud account. If it is Android, it will be a Google Calendar. These you can sync between all your devices.