using my gmail account. trying to open/save attachments but gives error message "file cannot be downloaded", someone pls help. (windows 8)

I have eM Client and using my gmail account. I am trying to open/save attachments but it gives an error message that says “file cannot be downloaded”, can someone please help me. I’m running Windows 8 if this will help!!!

Hi, can you maybe make a screenshot of this error?
What version of eM client are you currently using?

Thank you,

Paul - I don’t know if Marijke ever replied but I am having the same issue. Version 6.0.22328.0 , Windows 8, Exchange server. Some attachments will download, some won’t . Size is not an issue -this one is 29K but a 210K downloaded just fine - both from the same guy. Any Ideas?

Hello, please make sure to update your eM Client to this release which includes a couple of Exchange fixes, 6.0.22344.0 , however not completely sure if it could resolve this issue.

Please check if the issue persists. If you’re still experiencing issue after the update, are you using any rules that would move the received message from inbox to another, selected folder?