Using iCloud without mail account

I have two email accounts (personal and private) but use iCloud for contacts and calendars. I want to use em client for my two email addresses and my iCloud contacts and calendaring, but unclear if em client will be able to handle this configuration without recognizing the iCloud as an email account and consequently driving email account count to 3 and as such will not be able to use the free version.

Go to Accounts, Add new account.
Scroll down to Calendars, and select iCloud Calendar.
Go through the setup, and along the way you can also select Contacts.

Oops, forgot to finish . . . .
So I do this also with 2 Gmail accounts using POP. That sets the maximum allowed on the free account.
After setting up the two emails, I setup an additional Google Calendar and Contacts. eM Client does not recognize this as a third account, so it works just fine.